I am very grateful for the help and support of Scott Dillin. I never thought this process could be made so easy, worry free, and untroubled. Scott was responsive to any questions I had and kept me updated through the steps of the process. I would highly recommend Scott Dillin to anyone looking for an attorney for their traffic tickets! You won't regret it!
Jessica O'Connor
Jessica O'Connor
Scott is great at communication and always talks me through the process. Traffic attorney for life! Great guy!
Joel Hoffman
Joel Hoffman
I truly appreciate the help and support of Scott. He is a true professional that helped me get my daughter’s ticket dismissed. He did a great job of explaining the process of how everything worked. Any questions I had, he was extremely responsive. If you need legal assistance, I would highly recommend you contact Scott Dillin!
Demetria Garnett
Demetria Garnett
I give Mr.Scott Dillin 5 stars! He knows what he's talking about and doing! Very good lawyer!Thank you very much! I will let people know how good you are!
Rusty Cox
Rusty Cox
I highly recommend Scott Dillon’s services! I am a truck driver from Tennessee and had received a speeding ticket in Madison County, NC. He not only was able to go to court for me, he got the ticket reduced which saved my license and most importantly my job. He answered the phone himself when I called and was very professional and to the point about what he could do for me. I am very grateful.
Kristina Kovalchuk
Kristina Kovalchuk
I highly recommend Scott Dillin's Law Firm! They have an amazing staff & so professional in every way! You won't get better representation and care! If there were six stars, I would give them six stars. For Russian speakers: Я очень рекомендую эту юридическую фирму! Это действительно профессионалы своего дела! Скотт и его сотрудники отнесутся к вам со всей внимательность и заботой. Они не просто выполняют на отлично свою работу, они именно с душой подходят к решению вашей проблемы и делают все, чтобы процесс прошёл максимально безболезненно! От чистого сердца советую обратиться именно к ним, вы точно останетесь довольны!
Brendan Heaney
Brendan Heaney
Set realistic expectations from the first call and then proceeded to exceed those expectations. Amazing service.
Dennis Young
Dennis Young
Hired Mr. Dillan to represent me on a speeding charge in Bucombe County District Court. Being from out of state I was unsure how process worked. Scott helped me throughout, I paid online and case was dismissed on court date. Thankful to have chosen Mr Dillin.
Justin Shaw
Justin Shaw
This man is a wizard. I had a speeding ticket for 34 over - he got it reduced to 14 over saving me my job and insurance.
thomas anderson
thomas anderson
Great attorney. Mr. Dillin was always available and very informative. Outcome of case was excellent. Very pleased and would highly recommend Mr. Dillin.


Top Mistakes to Avoid After a DWI Arrest: Protecting Your Case from Further Damage

Facing a DWI arrest can be an overwhelming and distressing experience. In the aftermath of such an event, individuals may unknowingly make mistakes that can significantly impact their case and legal standing. This blog aims to shed light on the common mistakes people make after a DWI arrest and provide valuable guidance on how to protect their case and rights effectively. Remember, seeking legal counsel promptly is crucial to ensure the best possible outcome.

drinking while driving

Admitting Guilt or Incriminating Yourself:

One of the most critical mistakes individuals make after a DWI arrest is admitting guilt or speaking freely to law enforcement officers without legal representation. Anything said during this time can be used against them in court, making it essential to exercise the right to remain silent until they have an attorney present.

Failing to Request Legal Representation:

Not immediately seeking legal counsel after a DWI arrest is a grave error. An experienced DWI attorney can provide invaluable guidance on navigating the legal process, protecting the accused’s rights, and building a strong defense.

Delaying in Notifying Your Attorney:

Time is of the essence in DWI cases. Delaying in notifying an attorney about the arrest can result in missed opportunities to gather crucial evidence, interview witnesses, or challenge procedural errors that could have a significant impact on the case.

Ignoring or Missing Court Dates:

Failing to appear in court on the scheduled dates can lead to additional charges and a warrant for the individual’s arrest. It is essential to adhere to all court orders and maintain communication with both the attorney and the court.

girl upset with cop for being pulled over

Not Understanding DMV Deadlines:

DWI arrests often trigger administrative proceedings with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Failing to understand and meet specific DMV deadlines can result in an automatic driver’s license suspension, even before the criminal case is resolved.

Not Documenting the Arrest Details:

It’s crucial to keep detailed records of the arrest, including the events leading up to it, any conversations with law enforcement officers, and observations about the arrest procedure. These details can be valuable for building a defense strategy.

Driving with a Suspended License:

Continuing to drive with a suspended license due to a DWI arrest can lead to additional criminal charges and prolong the legal process. It’s vital to respect any driving restrictions imposed and seek alternative transportation options.

Discussing the Case on Social Media:

Posting about the DWI arrest or case on social media platforms can have detrimental consequences. Prosecutors may use these posts as evidence, and it’s best to refrain from discussing any details of the case online.

Not Following Legal Advice:

Ignoring or disregarding the advice given by a knowledgeable DWI attorney can lead to unfavorable outcomes. It’s essential to trust their expertise and follow their guidance throughout the legal process.

parking violation


Avoiding these common mistakes can significantly impact the outcome of a DWI case. Remember, seeking legal counsel promptly, understanding your rights, and adhering to court proceedings are essential steps to protect your case from further damage. A skilled DWI attorney will provide the necessary guidance, support, and advocacy to ensure the best possible resolution and safeguard your future. Act decisively and prioritize your defense to navigate through this challenging time effectively.

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